Brunson’s ILITE Level Development (B.I.L.D) is a Columbus Ga. based company that strives to enhance the lives and health of individuals through personal training, athletic performance enhancement and specific skills training.



Personal training and athletic performance enhancement sessions will vary depending on what goals you have in mind. Together, we will discuss your goals and develop a challenging 12 to 18 week workout routine that is guaranteed to attain your desired objectives and leave you completely satisfied with your results! We are here to instruct you on proper lifting techniques, introduce you to exercises that target your specific goals and motivate you towards your full potential.

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Emmanuel Brunson, owner of B.I.L.D, was born and raised in a local, underprivileged area where it was the norm for children to become a product of their environment. Through determination, positive mentoring and a strong faith, he refused to become a statistic. Since his upbringing, Emmanuel has made it a lifelong goal and commitment to pave the way for a bright and positive future for today’s youth. It had become obvious that the young children within the community needed something positive and interactive to keep them busy. An opportunity to participate and interact with others through a common, fun activity in a positive environment. Thus, FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS and SATURDAY NIGHT LIGHTS was born.

Emmanuel and the staff at B.I.L.D want to provide the youth of Columbus Ga. and surrounding areas a chance of a lifetime. The chance to be the best they can be while paving their own path to a successful future.  Weekly camps are held every Friday (Friday Night Lights) and Saturday (Saturday Night Lights). During these camps, participants begin with group warmups focusing on speed, agility, and conditioning. Afterwards, participants break up into smaller interactive groups, which hone in on the unique skills based on the participant’s position played. After the intense workout is complete, the children are blessed with a powerful and inspirational message delivered by special guest speakers.

What is AWESOME and unique about these camps are not only the skills gained, but the friendship made as well as the inspirational messages delivered and received on a weekly basis. Camps are currently $5 per athlete per camp. These funds are used for refreshments as well as for coach and motivational speaker/mentoring fees. We are currently working on various potential partnerships and looking in to grants to provide funding so we can provide these camps free of charge.

We want to give EVERY child the chance to join us and experience these life changing events. The goals of B.I.L.D is to continue to bring guest speakers, continue to provide great coaching, provide refreshments and cookouts for our youth as well as provide awards to continue to let these children know that we are here for them and that they can be GREAT at whatever they want to be GREAT at! We’re asking the local community as well as ANYONE that this website reaches to DONATE as little or as much as possible so that these amazing young children can participate in our camps for FREE. 




The staff at B.I.L.D wants only the best for our youth. That is why we are now offering FREE SAT and ACT Math Preparation classes! CONTACT us to set up classes

We would like to THANK YOU in advance from the bottom of our hearts for giving these children a chance at greatness. 

Emmanuel and the B.I.L.D Team   

BILDing toward GREATNESS one drill at a time!!!